The World is Dark and Full of Stars | Pidgeonholes, forthcoming

There Will Be a Reconciliation | Lost Balloon, forthcoming

We Go Through It | Pigeon Pages, forthcoming

BearOkay Donkey, 2018

Good EggVol. 1 Brooklyn, 2018

Neighbors | Wigleaf, 2018

No Cymbals, No Trumpets | (b)OINK, 2017

Tank Upkeep | American Chordata, 2017


Letting Go: Jaclyn Gilbert on her Debut Novel, Late Air | Fiction Writers Review, forthcoming

Corey Camperchioli on “Femme” the Film and Internalized MisogynyPosture, 2018


Vermont Studio Center, Residency | 2018

Pushcart Prize, Nominee | 2017

Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers, Honorable Mention | 2016

Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, Contributor | 2016